About us

  Jiangsu jianghe high-tech electronics co., LTD., with a construction area of about 26000 square meters, has more than 600 employees, more than 70% of whom are electronic professionals, more than 20 researchers of new products and 10 with advanced technical titles.The company has 5 "dust-free, anti-static, automatic, chargers production workshops" and more than 10 million yuan worth of chargers professional testing equipment and production equipment;More than 10 million chargers and power adapters are produced annually.It is a modern high-tech enterprise integrating high-tech product r&d, manufacturing and industrial trade.At present, it is one of the enterprises with the highest degree of automation in the production of electric vehicle supporting products.The company has passed iso9001:2008 international quality system audit certification for many years.

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Sales department:18861193331
Purchasing department:18015082382
TEL: +86-0519-85255999
FAX: +86-0519-85255111
E-mail: jh-jianghe@outlook.com
Add: No. 15, Changting North Road, ritual River, Zou District, Changzhou

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